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Stop Sign Ticket

stop-sign-ticketA stop sign violation is a moving violation and you will receive a point on your driving record if convicted. You do have options, however. One is to call a stop sign attorney at (888) 961-4562. Stop sign attorneys are highly experienced traffic violation lawyers and handle these and other violations on a routine basis.

A stop sign violation is found under California Vehicle Code Section 21802, which states:

“ (a) The driver of any vehicle approaching a stop sign at the entrance to, or within, an intersection shall stop as required by Section 22450. The driver shall then yield the right-of-way to any vehicles which have approached from another highway, or which are approaching so closely as to constitute an immediate hazard, and shall continue to yield the right-of- way to those vehicles until he or she can proceed with reasonable safety.

(b) A driver having yielded as prescribed in subdivision (a) may proceed to enter the intersection, and the drivers of all other approaching vehicles shall yield the right-of- way to the vehicle entering or crossing the intersection.

(c) This section does not apply where stop signs are erected upon all approaches to an intersection.’

Complying with CVC 21801 may seem obvious and easy to do, but many drivers approach a stop sign too casually. Also, police are on the outlook for drivers who may not have come to a complete stop or who may or may not have entered the intersection safely. This can be an issue to discuss with your stop sign attorney.

The penalties for violating CVC 21801 are one point on your driving record and a fine of $238. This can also lead to higher insurance rates for 3 years. Don’t let a traffic ticket lead to your having to pay hundreds of dollars more in premiums. Contact a stop sign attorney today.

Elements of a Legal Stop

There are several components to a legal stop when required to do so. When approaching an intersection with a stop sign, you should:

  1. Slow while approaching

  2. Make a complete stop behind the marked crosswalk or lines or behind the stop sign if there are no marked lines

  3. Check to be sure there are no vehicles approaching from your left or right which do not have a stop sign

  4. Allow the vehicle that arrived and stopped before you to proceed before you do

  5. If you arrived simultaneously, the vehicle that is furthest to the right proceeds first

A complete stop does not mean a rolling stop, regardless if there are no other cars or pedestrians at the intersection. Of course, you should not be ticketed if you happen to proceed out of turn. Talk to your stop sign attorney if you have been cited.

Defenses to a Stop Sign Citation

There are defenses to a stop sign violation that your stop sign lawyer can present on your behalf. Your stop sign lawyer may want you to take photos of the scene and the exact spot where your car was stopped. If the stop sign or the road markings are obscured, be sure to photograph them as well.

Defenses that your stop sign lawyer can make include:

  • The officer was not in a position to fully observe you. You may have made a complete stop behind the marked line or crosswalk but the officer could only the sign or crosswalk. Your stop sign lawyer will want you to point out where the officer was situated.

  • The stop sign was obscured by vegetation. Again, photographic evidence is needed to corroborate your assertion.

  • The stop sign was recently installed. If this was an intersection that had no stop sign for years and a sign was just recently installed, your WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer can argue that you should be given at least a grace period to comply.

  • The marked line was obscured or had not been painted for years. A photograph presented by your WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer and perhaps evidence of when the markings were last painted could lead to a dismissal.

Stop sign violations can be a nuisance but an expensive one. WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyers charge reasonable fees and have outstanding records in obtaining dismissals or reducing tickets to non-moving violations. This can save you hundreds of dollars per month in increased insurance violations or in preventing your license from suspension if you have multiple violations. Call a WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer at (888) 961-4562 if you have been cited.