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Driving on a Suspended License Attorney

suspended-license-assistanceWere you stopped and cited for driving on a suspended license? If so, you could face significant penalties including jail time, a significant fine and loss of your driving privileges for many more months or even years. Call a driving on a suspended license attorney at (888) 961-4562 if you are facing charges.

Driving under a suspended license is found under California Vehicle Code Section 14601 which states in pertinent part:

”(a) No person shall drive a motor vehicle at any time when that person’s driving privilege is suspended or revoked for reckless driving in violation of Section 23103, 23104, or 23105, any reason listed in subdivision (a) or (c) of Section 12806 authorizing the department to refuse to issue a license, negligent or incompetent operation of a motor vehicle as prescribed in subdivision (e) of Section 12809, or negligent operation as prescribed in Section 12810.5, if the person so driving has knowledge of the suspension or revocation. Knowledge shall be conclusively presumed if mailed notice has been given by the department to the person pursuant to Section 13106. The presumption established by this subdivision is a presumption affecting the burden of proof.”

You can find your license suspended for a variety of reasons:

  • A DUI conviction

  • Reckless driving conviction

  • Your BAC was 0.08% or over when tested for suspicion of DUI

  • You have a mental or physical disability

  • You had too many points on your driving record

  • Unpaid tickets

  • In a car accident without proof of insurance

  • Failure to appear in court

These circumstances may be defensed by your driving under a suspended license attorney. In some cases, there may be reasonable explanations for not having paid a ticket or for not appearing in court. Have an experienced driving under a suspended license attorney handle this for you.

Legal Defenses

To be convicted under CVC 14601, you had to be aware that your license was under suspension. Your driving on a suspended license attorney may be able to prove that proper notice was not given to you. For instance, a suspended license lawyer may demonstrate:

  1. The California DMV failed to give you a notice advising you of the suspension

  2. The notice was not sent to your most recent address reported by you to the DMV or reported by a court or law enforcement agency or,

  3. The notice was returned as undeliverable to the DMV

In other words, your driving on a suspended license lawyer may show that you were unaware of the suspension and that your lack of knowledge was reasonable under the circumstances.

Your driving on a suspended license lawyer can investigate these scenarios and avoid any of the harsh penalties that you face. First offenders face:

  • A minimum of 5 days in jail and up to 6-months

  • A fine of $300 to $1000

Of course, the penalties increase if you have a prior conviction.

Reinstating Your License

In most cases, your license will be under suspension forever, but when the suspension period ends, your license is not automatically reinstated. Your driving on a suspended license lawyer can explain that you have certain steps to take before the DMV will return your license. For instance, your WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer will explain that you must prove to the court that all conditions of your probation have been met.

In some cases, that may involve completion of a DUI class, payment of a fine, restitution to a victim, or completion of community service.

In some cases, your WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer can provide evidence of completion or explain that you had a reasonable belief that all probation conditions had been met.

Contact a WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer if your license is in danger of being suspended or you were cited for driving with a suspended license. A WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer is essential if you face loss of your driving privileges or a substantial fine. Call a WeFixTicket traffic ticket lawyer at (888) 961-4562 for any traffic violation citation.